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About Us & Values

EuPraxis FSI is an independent fully integrated NPL Management Entity, licensed and regulated by Bank of Greece according to Article 1, Paragraph 1. a. of Law 4354/2015, as stipulated in the Executive Committee Act 095/27.5.2016


EuPraxis’ Partners, through combined experience in collection, restructuring and advisory activity have the required expertise and knowledge of the NPL market.


Our core values include:

  • Responsible relationships in terms of meritocracy and strong team building

  • Striving for perfectionism in terms of customer focus and professionalism

  • Ethic & Transparency

  • Integrity and mutual commitment

Corporate Governance 

While managing and restructuring NPLs, EuPraxis FSI follows principles, methods and adheres to all the regulatory requirements set by Bank of Greece and declares that is implementing the Code of Conduct under Law 4224/2013", which was adopted by decision of the Bank of Greece Credit and Insurance Committee (195/1/29.07.2016, Government Gazette Β 2376).

The revised Code of Conduct establishes general principles of conduct both for institutions subject to the Code and borrowers, with a view to finding forbearance or resolution and closure solutions for loans in arrears, taking into account the circumstances of each borrower.

EuPraxis has adopted roust governance arrangements, which include

  • A clear organisational structure with well-defined transparent and consistent lines of responsibility

  • Effective processes to identify, manage, monitor and report the risks they are or might be exposed to

  • Adequate internal control mechanisms, including sound administration and accounting procedures, and remuneration policies

  • Practices that are consistent with and promote sound and effective risk management

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Due Diligence Advisory:

  • Portfolio valuation including collateral & guarantees valuation & legal DD

  • Transaction structuring & portfolio underwriting

  • Business Plan & pricing

  • Data Analytics

Onboarding - Data Remediation:

  • Check on the presence of documents needed for the evidence of the credit

  • Check, validate and categorize documents for scanning purposes

  • Trace missing documents and subsequent data entry in the DLPO’s IT systems

  • Remediation,  updating of information and check on the uploading of documents

Onboarding - Portfolio Take Down:

  • Integration with Third Party Platform

  • Data quality, consolidation & normalization

  • Portfolio allocation to Asset Manager

Onboarding - Data mining, Clustering & Rating:

  • Cluster engine workflow

  • Internal rating & score

  • Segmentation & strategy design

Credit & Portfolio Management Solutions

Master Servicing:

  • Portfolio segmentation & strategy creation

  • Phone collections and legal actions

  • Restructuring & recovery forbearance measures including foreclosures, bankruptcies & extra-judicial work outs

  • Performance management and monitoring of  early warning & trigger signals

  • Preparation of quarterly cash flow statements and annual financial statement

  • Regulatory reporting and compliance

  • Third Party/outsourcing partners network management

Special Servicing:

  • Judicial and Extra-Judicial recovery of unsecured and secured non-performing loans

  • Single Tickets servicing

  • Compliance and Regulatory reporting

  • Monitoring and Agency services

Real Estate Collateral Management

  • Collateral & physical file review and assessment

  • Independent certified collateral valuations (Drive-by, desktop and data driven approach)

  • Strategy, Business Plan formulation & Real Estate Advisory

  • Administration and fiscal tasks for hard, soft & sustainable facility management

  • Optimizing asset liquidation/exploitation utilizing advance real estate commercialization & sales products

  • Asset, debt asset swaps and auction management

EuPraxis: Products

Key Objectives


  • Our primary business objective is to become the preferred independent, fully-integrated NPL management entity in Greece

  • This will be achieved through offering market-leading, independent recovery & advisory services for troubled loan portfolios across all asset-classes in the Greek NPL market

  • EuPraxis FSI foremost business target is to provide value-added services focused on delivering internationally recognized standards, while:

–providing long term amicable solutions through a friendly approach wherever possible

–attracting investors to Greece while achieving sustainable economic recovery and growth and

–respecting “socially vulnerable” entities


  • For the last ones, it is relevant the way EuPraxis FSI is in the condition to improve the issues in terms of capacity, expertise and potential conflicts. This is the real meaning of “praxis”.

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  • EuPraxis FSI is fully independent from underwriters, financial  institutions, private equity and hedge fund investors,  representing no conflict of interests in the shareholding structure and business model

  • EuPraxis FSI builds, combines and further develops on international experience and proven product know-how in cooperation with our local pool of experts in developing the best-practices for each product asset class.

  • Key points of differentiation include:

–Leading market expertise, coupled with an advanced operating model using extensive data analytics & cutting edge IT systems

–Pioneering servicing methodology already proven in the European environment

–Being a unified, one-stop solution for cross-spectrum asset classes

–A drive towards more amicably resolved solutions

–Effective cost management, particularly through monitoring and justifying every legal action taken

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As a single point of contact please use following address.

[email protected]

Please submit any complaints you might have by filling the respective complaints form attached below and sending it via email at

[email protected]

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